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Our Grooming Services

Start to Finish


Complete Haircut

One on One Time

Just a little off the top?  Or a complete makeover?  Trained in AKC breed standard cuts we'll make sure your dog leaves looking like a million bucks! 

Not sure a breed standard cut is for you? No problem, during a one on one consult we'll determine exactly what style is best for your pup. 

Our complete haircuts include nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning, bath, brush, blow dry and style. We only use the professional tools and products that we feel are safest for your pets.  All inclusive picture perfect spa package starts at $79

Call today to set up an appointment!


Deshedding Services

Hair Everywhere!

Sick and tired of vacuuming loose hair every day?

Our de-shedding service uses a combination of shampoos, conditioners, blow drying and brushing.  This combination helps stimulate the shedding process so your dogs loose hair will be all over our salon, not your house.

This service can be done as part of a bath, or added on to a groom.

Call today for a quote!


Baths and Light Trims

Touch up

Does your dog just need a little touch-up?  No problem.  We also offer bathing and mini groom services. 

All baths and mini grooms include trimming the nails, cleaning the ears, bath, blow-dry, and brush out. 

Light trims include light trimming around the eyes, feet, and sanitary areas. 

Your dog will leave looking and feeling fresh again!


Nail Trims

Don't forget a monthly nail trim!

Properly trimmed nails are one of the most important parts of dog care.  When nails are too long they can start to cause serious problems like arthritis.  Nail trimming is included in all of our grooming packages, but if your dog doesn't need a complete groom or bath you can get a stand-alone nail trim. 

Call ahead for availability. 

Nail trims are $20 as a stand-alone service

Enquire today about our nail combo card!


Ala Carte Service

Spa Day!

Does your pet have special needs or requirements?

 We'll evaluate your pet when you arrive and recommend any special add-ons we think your pet may need. 

We offer things like CBD and special shampoos & conditioners. 

Starting at $10

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