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Meet the Owners

Melanie & Justin

Our Story

Passion for Animals

As lifelong dog lovers, we've been in the pet industry for 10 years and counting.  We have a big fur family of our own and are passionate about pets receiving the best possible care. For us, this meant branching off and starting our own business, that way we can guarantee every time your pet gets groomed, he/she will be treated just like a member of our family.


Getting the Salon Ready

We first opened in November of 2018 where we shared a location with the New York Groomer, but have since moved to a new location on our own.  We hope with our new location we can best accommodate our clients and their needs!

Can't wait to meet you and your pup!


Our Family

Meet our family!  We have two wonderful sons, Levi and Parker, who make every day an brand new adventure.

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