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Training Classes

Meet Our Trainer

Constantine graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Behavioral Sciences after studying at Purdue University. Since then he has trained thousands of dogs, he also has 7 years of experience training dog trainers for the nation's number one pet retailer. 


Constantine has worked with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Department Animal Services Unit and with Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA) as their official dog trainer. He has also testified in court a number of times as an expert witness in local dog attack cases.

Constantine is here to help you with all of your dog training needs as a Dog Behavior Expert and fully Accredited Pet Trainer. He has spent a lifetime working with dogs and immersing himself in the latest, most successful techniques for dog training.


Why Sign up?

  • Fun and effective reward based classes teaching all basic commands (i.e. sit, stay, and much more).

  • Including how to  discourage unwanted behavior and bad habits (i.e. jumping up, play biting, and more).

"Training is not only an tool, it is a bonding experience for you and your pet."

Classes are $249, covering all 6 weeks of training!




  • Drop & leave it

  • Come when called

  • Loose leash walking

  • & more


  • Stay with distractions & distance

  • Formal heel

  • Go to your place

  • & more


  • Walking through a crowd

  • Reaction to distraction

  • Supervised separation

  • & more

Call today to sign up!


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